VMI – Apostolic Lighthouse has partnered with Vision Ministries International to aide those in need and in crisis. The purpose of VMI is:

Vision Ministries International, Inc. draws upon a rich tradition of Scripture which serves as the guiding principle and provides us with a vision of how we are called to serve those in need. These Principles are shared across religious and cultural boundaries and articulate values that are common among people who seek assist and aid those who have been ravaged by natural calamities, wars, and diseases.

We strive to respond to the mission of VMI and to the needs of our brothers and sisters throughout the world, regardless of creed, race, or nationality. In order to enjoy the confidence of the global community, VMI may not take sides in hostilities or engage at any time in controversies of a political, racial, religious, or ideological nature.

The dramatic global changes and challenges taking place throughout the world give special urgency to the call to action. As staff and collaborators within Vision Ministries International, Inc., we recognize our special responsibility to use our talents, and the resources under our stewardship, to stretch forth our arms of service throughout this nation and into the global community to reach those in need.

Born of a desire to bring assistance, hope and a brighter future to people in need, VMI will aid in rebuilding lives utilizing the following principles.

• Vision Ministries International, Inc. is founded on the belief that each person possesses a basic dignity that comes directly from God. Because of this belief, we advance the intrinsic value and equality of all human beings when called upon to aid in their calamity.

• We understand ourselves to be a part of a wider global family and believe that our responsibilities to one another cross national, cultural, and religious boundaries. This allows us to build partnerships, which results in a greater impact and more focused effort in serving those who are in need.

• The poor and marginalized have the most urgent claim on our mission as their vulnerability and oppression harms us all. We seek to stand alongside suffering communities in solidarity, sharing our talents, resources, and time with them, and analyzing and addressing structural causes and systems that continue to impoverish them.

• In places we work and serve, we seek to honor the autonomy of local communities, encouraging individual, family, and other shared initiatives which allow people to direct their own development process. At the invitation of local communities, we enter into local partnerships and strive to provide creative assistance for unmet needs.

• We believe that there is an inherent integrity of Creation, and we recognize that a delicate relationship exists between protecting our resources and promoting full human development. We seek to be creative in finding ways to make the earth's resources flourish and to avoid their depletion through waste of assets, products, talent, human energy, and time. We seek responsible stewardship of those resources entrusted to us through support for programs and activities which are ecologically sustainable and are in harmony with the local environment.

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